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Sound Quality

I have enjoyed owning this instrument, and it can be very expressive. I think some people are a bit harsh on the pianos. Yes they're not the real thing, but they pass fairly nicely. I think the Kurzweil does well. E-pianos not that great however. The strings sound awesome.. I used them in a recording for U2 Beautfil Day, and they sounded like the real thing. The organs are nice, they have a small leslie tremolo emulator which sounds cool in recordings. You won't be dissapointed with the expressiveness of this instrument.


No problems. It's fairly strong , and looks great. It's purple! The only issue I ever had with it was that once it screamed at me when changing sounds.


General Comments

I bought it because it looked exotic, and not many people have them, and I wanted something really great. I'm satisfied with it, have used it many times gigging, and in recordings.

If you're looking for a good, reliable, sturdy, expressive piano/control keyboard, this is the one for you.



**Buy with confidence, it's a great instrument.

Reviewer's Background

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