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Sound Quality

I thought the stock humbucking pickup was a real dog, it sounded bad through a variety of amplifiers, both tube and solid state. Fortunately I had a busted up 1992 Gibson SG, so I dropped in the bridge pickup from that guitar, bought a Gibson pickup ring, and the problem was solved. The new pickup Improved my tone, but it still  wouldn't stay in tune with that old style wraparound bridge. Off to the repair guy, for schaller tuners, a Leo Quan Adjustable wraparound bridge, new strap buttons, and the shim in the neck joint. Now this guitar finally stays in tune, and sounds pretty good to boot. The only problem I had later on were the Volume and Tone Pots which became scratchy after a couple of years. I reccomend replacing these with higher quality pots, and also replacing the input jack.


I would not take this guitar any where with stock parts. But, with a bit of work it can be made into a stable instrument.

General Comments

I've been playing over 20 years, and have worked in 4 or 5 different music stores. I've owned many guitars, amps, & effects over the years. With a bit of work these can made into decent guitars, I wish mine had come with the Grover tuners, and the 2 piece bridge with a stop tail. At the time, when I compared it to other new guitars in the same price range, it was an easy 1st choice.

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