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Sound Quality

This guitar's primary function was meant to be my electric slide guitar. Something about a cheap import humbucker guitar that goes great with slide - and this does it. Thick FAT slide tone just like I was looking for. My main amp is a vintage 66 Super Reverb but I also play a Bassman reissue and a Marshall DSL 401. This guitar plays well through all of them, but it makes you smile through the crunchier two amps. The downside to this guitar's sound is that the pickups are so hot, it turns to mush on the neck pickup when playing rythym. I've learned to use the neck pickup as basically a stomp box for leads and the bridge for both rythym and lead. That might be a big drawback to someone looking to make this their main guitar. But for what I wanted, I wouldn't change anything there. Some people have said the neck is "chunky." I'm not sure what they are comparing it to but it's a small neck, it just isn't tapered so it might feel a little wide at the lower couple of frets. My Fender Custom Shop 56 Strat's neck is way bigger than this and my Am Standard's is wider. The neck is thin, but not tapered. This guitar gives a lot of feedback through all of my amps (even my cigarette box amp).


I've used this to play out twice now and it's solid enough to keep on going.


General Comments

I've been playing for 23 years. I play blues/rock. I have a Custom Shop 56 Strat and an 89 Am Std Strat. I also play a vintage 1930 National Style O and a couple of Taylors (810, 414).

I would definitely buy another one if it got lost or stolen. In fact, it replaces my 89 Strat as the one I take places where security is a concern. It's a bad*** cheap guitar!

Reviewer's Background

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