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Sound Quality

I bought this guitar because I love the sound of Jack White and did not want to pay $2000 for an original that may fall apart at any given moment. I was hoping the reissue would deliver something close. I play hard blues influenced by Jimmy Page, Elmore James, Muddy Waters and Jack White. I use a 1962 Sivertone Model 1482 tube amp played through a Boss CS3, Boss BD2 and a Big Muff Pi. I play electric slide and I play this guitar in open D tuning. I can not believe the sound that rips out of this beast. I am in love with this guitar's sound. A true mistress, she has stolen my heart.


Very solid feel and will withstand gigging. Hardware is solid. The finish is really nice and shiny and looks durable. Strap buttons are solid. I like to play in various tunings so this would be one of at least three other guitars for a set but I would feel confident and comfortable playing a gig with only this.


General Comments

Self taught. Playing everyday for 5 years now. I play 5 other guitars: a Yamaha dreadnought acoustic, a no name Dobro Resonator acoustic, 1959 Silvertone archtop acoustic/electric, 1964 Airline Res-O-Glass (3/4 Scale), Ibenez AS-73 hollowbody. If this guitar were stolen (God forbid) I would definitely replace it. I love this guitar's shape, feel and sound the most. I wanted an original but did not want to pay big bucks. I am glad I chose this reissue, it truly delivers the goods.

Reviewer's Background

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