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Sound Quality

The distortion effects as well as the clean sounds are pretty good. The distortion is quite noisy at high gain settings. I really don't care for noise gate, compressor and wah sounds.


This is where it gets ugly. This unit is not dependable at all! I owned (notice past tense) this unit for 1-1/2 years. In that time frame the unit broke down 3 times. Two times were at a gig! The first time it was sent in for cold solder joints on the main circuit board. The second time both front and back input jacks failed (how this could happen seems a bit strainge). Service and turnaround time were poor. The third time it went haywire, I was able to repair it myself. The main transformer came loose. The hardware was floating around in the chassis causing shorts. I expect better reliability than this out of a unit in the > $1000.00 price range. I will NEVER by another Digitech product again.

General Comments

Sounds were pretty good. Reliability is poor! I replaced this piece of @#$% with a Mesa Triaxis. End of problem.

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