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Sound Quality

Well since I have a Squire Strat I get some pretty bad feedback from it. I have a noise reduction setting on my multi-effects so when I put that on everything is fine. People always say this pedal is for 'heavy metal' but I would have to disagree. Of course it could be perfect for metal, but I play alternative and progressive rock stuff using it and I think it fits in perfect. I doesn't have to be too heavy if you don't want it to be.


It is dependable, I bought it used and I've been using it for a year and I have no problems. I don't bring a back-up to a show. I even one time accidently plugged in the wrong adapter and sent too much power to the pedal and it still works.

General Comments

I play alternative music and the pedal fits in just fine. I've been playing for 2yrs and other gear I have is a ToneWorks AX1G and a Line 6 Filter Modeler. If it got stolen I wouldn't necessarily go out to look for the same one, I would test out other pedals on the market to see what would best suit my playing. What I love is the distortion it gives out, it is so smooth if you have the settings right. What I don't like is the feedback it gives out when I'm not playing.

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