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Sound Quality

I use a Fender Mex. Strat w/'74 american pickups (for clean) or a Fernandes Rev. Pro (for dist.) into the Bf-2 Flanger into a Dunlop 535 CryBaby Wah into a Boss OS-2 Overdrive/Dist. (the DS-1 SUCKS) into a Mesa Boogie (Caliber something i think). I got it because i wanted to get really strong chorus sounds but also be able to get Eddy VanHalen finger-tapping flanging sounds. This does NOT get any sort of Eddy sound at all! It's alittle too fast and sounds kinda "distant" to me. It does get good chorus sounds though, better than Boss chorus pedals if u ask me. It's so versital -> it's amazing. It also sounds awsome on bass! I do really like this pedal and can get amazing/ORIGINAL sounds out of it and it's not really noisy (only when i have the OS-2 on it "swooshes" the feedback).


It's Boss!

General Comments

I play a lot of hardcore/speed metal and classic rock, some funk. This pedal is good when playing clean arpegios and fast distorted riffs, It shouldn't be used a all the time though - or it's just too much. I would replace this pedal if it were stolen but i'd get it used off ebay only, or try out the BF-3. Overall, this pedal has become apart of my sound and i use it when ever i can, it's better then buying just a chorus pedal. Also, It's not really a good "classic" Flanging sound, but a nu-metal sound.

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