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Sound Quality

It does what I wanted it to do. FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT tones with amazing sustain. I use it for recording and for noodling, (I would suggest a Line 6 Pocket Pro. They are a joy to use together). Like I said, I find it difficult to put the Airline 3P DXL down. It is a great sounding instrument with so many sound options. If you haven't been really impressed with a guitar in a long time-this is your baby.


I don't gig and I baby my guitars, so this guitar will always be perfect. As for yourself, on the road, the rule of thumb is, take care of your equipment and your equipment will take care of you.


General Comments

If you can't audition this guitar, go to Eastwood's site and watch the two videos there on the Airline P3 DXL. They both convinced me that this is one unique guitars that I needed...and, they were right! Also, Rudy (of Rudy's Music) in Manhattan is a warm and friendly and a no-nonsense kind of guy whom I've been getting stuff from for years. If he carries Eastwood (along side of his boutique guitars) I know that this guitar had to be worthwhile...and it is!!

Reviewer's Background

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