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Sound Quality

Rock & blues sound fantastic with the Lollar P90; they sound darker, stronger and warmer than Gibson P90. Bridge is crunchy & punchy-intermediate is quite velvety with lots of presence and neck is warm & precise. Think T-Bone Walker. I use it on a Matamp Series 2000 & Matamp 1224; great combination especially with the stricly 60ies Series 2000 great clean with an edge of overdrive. Pushed in EL 34 crunch & OD the guitar screams & pushes like P90 do..NO Hb acidity just a strong wall of sound with a dark tone. nice Acoustically the guitar is really loud...Louder than my Gibson Cloud 9 with HB ( a hollow les Paul) and the neck is very, very, well set in the body; it vibrates with every chord! great ;-))


I think that 'll be okay!


General Comments

Been playing 5 years and own a 1967 Gibson ES 33O with P90( mhhh the best in playability, in sound, A Gibson Cloud 9 -1958 ( great sounding) a japanese tele with Lollar PUP's, a handbuilt travel guitar and an 80's EKO ( my first)....and this nice Heritage 137

Reviewer's Background

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