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Sound Quality

I love my strat. Granted, I had some mods done to it. Had pickups replaced with the Fralins, but on top of that, I had the whole guitar rewired internally with solid core (not stranded, and not pre-tinned) wire by a friend. I'm sure I sound very pretentious but it made a big difference. Nice and beefy, but still gets that top-end clarity and spank that we love maple necks for. Fralins are great, surprisingly, a little more of a rough, unrefined sound than the lace sensors, but also way more natural. I now feel like I'm actually playing an instrument, not a vintage guitar emulator. I use it with an old 66 Super Reverb, yeah it's noisy but so are drum-sets and crowds when we play live. Not insanely versatile, but that's not why I have it. The guitar just gets a great strat sound now, I can make it excessively bright or dark through tone controls or the amp's controls.


When I got it, the guitar had a hymn written on the inside of the back cover so I guess someone was playing it at a church for a while. It is a '92 model, making it 14, now almost 15 years old. I've gigged with it either weekly or every other week for two years now and I don't worry about hurting it. There's dings pretty much everywhere but this is 100% bound to happen if you're playing bars and don't have a road crew or something ridiculous. I have a Les Paul that I feel like I have to baby WAY more than this thing. I've heard of strats taking tumbles down stairs and coming out fine. Like I said, roller nut pretty much sucks, but on the upside, I have never broken a string on this guitar and I use it at every gig, the entire time. I cannot say this about any other guitar I own. It must be that roller nut, even though it's a pain in the butt getting 11s through it.


General Comments

Great guitar. I've made a bunch of changes to it but the way I see it, no one at a factory knows exactly how you play, or what you need your guitar to sound like. These are mass-produced products. They need a little adjusting here and there to make them 'yours'. They are also instruments after all, think of the care that goes into making a violin. Been playing now for 17 years, and now I'm in an R+B and Soul band, this guitar is voiced perfectly for this type of music. Not great for the heavier rock stuff that I sometimes do, but that's what the LP's for. I chose this one because it played really nicely at the store, even with the 9's on it. I liked the way it looked, and I figured maybe the Fender people made the "plus" models with a little more care, it's probably just a marketing ploy though.

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