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DiMarzio DP100 Super Distortion Pickup

Sound Quality

I have used the SD for years in various guitars. When all else fails and you want a great hot pickup, this is it. The sound is fat with pleanty of low end and sizzle. Harmonics are great as well. The mids are not scooped, but rather pushed, so all you nu metal lovers run now. LOL, it will actually do fine for any type hard rock or metal but isn't the best PU for cleans, but fairs well with volume roll off. This pickup is made for a hot, but musical tone, not some lame percusive drop-B BS. The sustain is unreal in a good intrument. I would advise running good 500K pots and decent caps to get the most out of these. I would not recommend a SD in the neck as it will be too muddy. Try a more PAF-type A2 magnet pickup, such as a Burstbucker, Antiquity, Seth Lover, etc. The middle position sound will be unreal.



General Comments

All of you trying the newest Dimarzio, Duncan, this is THE pickup that seems to get overlooked for some reason. Buy one and throw out your EMG's and start hearing your guitar and not what a preamp. Batteries are for toys. This is the original pickup all hot pickups are spawned from.

Reviewer's Background

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