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Sound Quality

If you use the $100 tube preamp or compressor or $200 Tubefactor or small tube amp like $300 Laney LC15R (line out) or $650 THD Univalve (if you have one :-) ... then the sound is as good as it gets. Sure if you want the power tubes distortion you really have to massage the Univalve with say 6v6 tube ... but the sound is here and the speaker is good. I give it qualified 9 yet it is almost 10 with any of my tube boxes up front.



General Comments

I didn't buy it in the end as it was slightly to heavy for me: I play since 1960 so the weight is important and I want all items to be <15kgs.


I chose Fender Cyber Champ instead as it is only 13.6kgs and has all the jazz blues sounds that I need especially with my tube boxes and amps: live I always use a class A tube amp with any of these hyberid Cybers as I want the BEST of both worlds: digital and true analog - all tube ...


This is fine solution for many US players who can carry nmore weight than I carry but again you need a tube-box up front to make it truly warm and tubey ... btw consider the Champ if you need fewer options or the Twin Cyber if you need all the various other options/amps ...

Reviewer's Background

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