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Sound Quality

The acoustic instrument emulations are a step up from the older JV/XP units in my opinion. The new acoustic pianos put the JV/Xp pianos to shame and it's good to see some decent straight Rhodes, Wurlitzer and Clav imitations as opposed to the older units. The strings and brass are also much better. The guitars (both acoustic and electric) are miles ahead of the JV/XP synthes. The slide effects in the acoustics are just sooooo realistic!!!!! One of the distorted guitar programs sounds just like a marshall stack IMHO!!!! It goes without saying the the synthe leads and pads are outstanding. Oh and the choirs are great also and really give those on the vocal expansion board a run for their money. There is much more variety in the drum kits and some of the sounds are taken from the excellent drum and bass expansion board! The organs are great but not any better than in the older models. Overall, I would be happy to use just the XV3080 along with my Triton for the vast majority of my work!!!!!! It really does sound great.


I haven't owned this unit long enough to comment on this.

General Comments

If it were lost or stolen, I would replace it in a heartbeat!!!! I have been doing music for 20 years and run a midi based studio. I love most things about the XV3080 and really feel that Roland have fixed up most of the older JV's deficiencies (not that it had many-IMHO the JV1080 is a classic piece of gear!!!!). I wish that there were more expansion slots believe it or not- I would fill all of them up!!!! I compared it to getting a JV2080 at a very good price. The XV offers more polyphony, better sounds and the familiar JV1080 interface (with improved functions including the great soundsearch function). Yes the JV2080 is a great module but you can't use the new 64MB expansion boards, it's sounds lag behind that of the XV, it boasts only half the polyphony (64 notes) and I've heard too many bad stories of it suffering midi timing problems when playing from a sequencer. However, it offers up to 3 insert efx in performance mode as opposed to the XV3080's 1 insert efx. It has a larger LCD display and the ability to add up to 8 SRJV80 expansion boards as opposed to the XV3080's 4 SRJV80 expansion boards. However, I'm glad I decided to get the XV3080 as it is a decent step forward from the older (and still excellent!) JV1080 and JV2080.

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