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Sound Quality

DON'T BUY THIS THINKING THAT YOU WILL BE ABLE TO PROGRAM THE ULTIMATE STEINWAY OR LONDON PHILLHARMONIC ORCHESTRAL PATCH!!!!!!! There are no real sounding guitars, basses, saxes, trumpets, drums, pianos etc- THAT IS NOT WHAT THIS SYNTHE IS ABOUT. It is an additive synthesizer and a great soudning one at that. It sounds like nothing else on the market- AND I MEAN NOTHING ELSE!! It's architecture allows you to create some really great moving/evolving sounds right through to trully rude souding lead sounds- I must mention that the 'rock guitar' patch is the most realistic lead guitar sound that I have ever heard from a synthe (play it thinking guitar, not piano or organ). On the subject of organs, some of the organ patches are very playable with a nice souding leslie emulation for a synthe. I wouldn't go so far to say that this synthe was as clean as my Korg and Roland gear- gritty is the best word to describe it. This does NOT imply that is sounds bad- the complete opposite in fact! I would not be afraid to use just this synthe for some kinds of soundtrack work- It almost sounds WAVESTATION! It's filters are not the smoothest sounding and the resonance is quiet course, not very controlled- but this is what adds to the sound. My rating is for what I know this synthe is capable of. Bye the way, there is no general MIDI bank in this synthe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(THANK GOD!).


Never had a problem with it!

General Comments

I sold mine, not because I didn't like it (I LOVED IT!) but because I need some extra cash and it was not being used to it's full potential in our studio to justify keeping it. Obviously, you wouldn't buy this as your only workhorse synthe (unless you only wanted those sounds). Those who already have the 'meat and potatoes' sounds (JV1080,Trinity,EX5,Protesu2000 etc)should really take a look at something like the K5000S. It really has it's own character. When these origionally were released, they cost around $3,000.00 Australian- very expensive! I played one of the earlier versions and concluded that it sounded {censored}house. However the newer operating system really improved many of the features and this, combined with the fact that they are now so cheap (AND THE FACT THAT I SUFFER FROM A TERRIBLE DISEASE CALLED TECHNOLUST!) prompted me to buy one. I have heard that Kawai did not market these synthes very well and that is why they have been so heavily discounted- I only hope Kawai do not give up building synthes- WE NEED ADDITIVE SYNTHESIS FOR SOMETHING DIFFERENT! When considering a K5000S, just remember that it is an extremely powerful synthe not a workstation or S+S synthe. I might buy another K5000S one day as I have a very strong feeling that they will become collectors items one day!!

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