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Sound Quality

My opinion regarding this section is the same as for the Wavestation SR. Read that review for what I like and dislike. As mentioned there, do not buy this unit as a 'meat & potatoes' synthe- buy it for it's fantastic unique vector and wavesequenced sounds!!!!


Only had it for 3 months and so far no problems! TOUCH WOOD!!!! It is very solidly built with THANK GOD- an internal power supply. Read all my other reviews and you will quickly discover how much I DETEST these revolting things!

General Comments

I bought this off a good friend of mine who had no use for it. He has owned it since 1991 and one night during a particularly heavy night- I OFFERED TO BUY IT OFF HIM- It took me 2 years to finally get it into my posession but IT IS MINE NOW! Not only does this thing sound {censored}ing hot but it looks great too! My final opinions are pretty much the same as for the Wavestation SR other than this unit is much easier to use from the front panel and the analogue inputs are SOMETHING VERY SPECIAL!!!! I would definetly kill (by slowly torturing them to death) anyone who stole this module from me and if I couldn't find the culprit (or the instrument) I would look high & low for another! They are rare because it seems as though everyone is holding on to them- their high 2nd price gives true testament to this! I LURVE the Wavestation AD and will keep it even after the day my remains have finally rotted into oblivien!!!!

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