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Sound Quality

FUCKING GREAT SOUNDS! That is all I can say as my opening statement. I would use this as my only sound source with no problems. As a matter of fact, I could get buy with just a Triton (and mayby a JV2080) at a pinch if I had to sell all my other gear (WHICH I WILL NOT!!) I don't think too much of the stock acoustic piano although it is better than the other 'stock' offerings in my other bits of gear. That is why I also have the piano expansion board- these sounds are great as far as sampled pianos go! The electric pianos are all fantastic, as are the guitars (both acoustic and electric). The electric basses are also very playable (although the ones on my Roland bass&drums boards are better). The synthe basses rock (or dance!). The strings (both solo and ensemble) are the best that I have heard from a synthe (better than my Roland orchestral expansion board!) Solo trumpet and sax sounds are great for a sample based instrument although I am not a mad fan of the ensembel brass patches (no sample based instrument excells here!) The drums are superb (both electronic and real) This and my TR rack contain the widest variety of drum sounds of any synthe that I have played (although I love the drum sounds in my Roland bass&drum board also!) Bell and percussion sounds are top notch and there is much potential in creating some trully huge choir sounds- I have already started to do some editing. I can honestly say that the Triton (and Trinity and TR Rack) instruments do not sound weak in any particular area- they have a great well rounded sound to them. I like the fact that you can velocity switch up to 4 samples in a program. The filters sound good also (althoug the ones in the Trinity offered extra flexibility by offering more types- not only low and high pass). The LFO's are MIDI syncable, as are the effects (unlike the Trinity). Combination mode contains sound HUGE sounds and as with other Korg instruments since the M1, this area has heaps of scope for building up massive splits and layers with the added flexibility of more polyphony and great effects routing possibilities. NOW IF ONLY THEY COULD MAKE IT 128 note polyphonic? (DOESN"T EVERYONE!!!!). The MOSS sounds are everything you could expect from the Korg Z1 (see my review under it's section) FUCKING FANTASTIC!!!! They shit all over the overpriced analogue modelling synthes out there- again this is only my opinion.


I haven't had it long enough to see whether I might experience problems with it (TOUCH WOOD!).

General Comments

Of course I would buy it again!!!!! I have been playing since 1980 and also teach piano and organ privately. I co-own a MIDI based studio in Melbourne using LOGIC platimum 4 on PC, a Yamaha O3D mixer (GREAT BOARD) plus assorted Korg and Roland bits. I can see the Triton becoming the centre of the studio. It is basically everything I wanted my old Trinity to be (and I loved that keyboard to death before I sold it!) plus more. A WORD OF ADVICE- if you already own a Trinity and don't need the extra features the Triton offers than hold on to it as they both sound the same- THE TRITON DOES NOT SOUND BETTER OR WORSE! If however you have bought neither, than definetly go for the Triton- the extra features are well worth it! I will repeat this again- I COULD DO ALL MY WORK JUST USING THIS BOARD (and the soon to be released Korg D16 hard disk recorder!!!!). PERHAPS KORG SHOULD TRY TO SELL THE TRITON AND THE D16 AS A SELF CONTAINED HARDWARE RECORDING SOLUTION! (Just add mics, monitors and musical creativety and ideas!) Me being me, I would also use a Roland JV2080 because I love both Roland and Korg sounds. If Korg iron out a few of the issues listed above and bring out heaps of PCM boards, I would rate this synthe an 11 out of 10!!!!!!!! THIS KEYBOARD IS HOT. GO BUY IT!

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