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Sound Quality

The sounds are awesome- However I find it strange that Korg skimped on the flexibility of the filter- the Trinity's filters were more flexible offering more types not only low and high pass filtering. The effects are fantastic and easier to get around than those in the Trinity. Again refer to what I want improved below.


I will be taking mine back to the repair centre as I hear an annoying high pitched sounds coming out of all my outputs- it is a fault of the instrument. Also the Triton is no as well built as the Trinity. It has a plastic case that is very easy to scratch! It's touch screen feels better to operate than the Trinity's however.

General Comments

I really like this instrument! Let me say that loud and clear. I would definetly get another one if it were lost or stolen. I have gone back to using it as my only sound source on a few projects. However Korg must upgrade the operating system in a number of important areas-


a). SAMPLER- Allow us to use all 64MB at once instead of chopping it up into 4, 16MB chunks.




e). ALLOW US TO FILTER/ENVELOPE INDIVIDUAL SAMPLES instead of having to convert multi-samples to programs.

f). Vastly improve the disk operating system for storing samples.

g). Allow us to use flash RAM in the Triton.


SEQUENCER- a). ADD MORE QUANTIZING FUNCTIONS- Groove and Swing quantising at least. We are in the year 2000 not 1984 Korg!!!!

b). CUE LISTS- Don't let sounds cut off when going from one song to another. Allow user to set up at which bar or bars songs with start playing. This would allow us to automatically shorten songs when we need to do this. Also Korg, look at C-Lab's old Notator Sequencer and it's pattern mode.

c). Allow the sequencer to record system exclusive information.

d). Allow 'multi track' as well as single track patterns such as in Rolands XP series sequencer.


SYNTHESIS- a). Upgrade the filters to those of what the Trinity had. Why Korg skimped here is beyond me!

b). Allow more than 2 expansion boards to be used- perhaps those not fully expanding the sample Ram to 64MB could use that space to add 1 or 2 more boards.

c). Allow more synthesis parameters to be applied to individual drum sounds.

d). Release CD ROM versions of PCM expansion boards for those who already have the 2 PCM slots filled up and own a CD ROM drive.

e). Whilst a hardware upgrade, give us the option to add something like an internal hard drive or Zip drive for mass storage.


Anyway, I hope Korg is listening to all it's users. Particularly with regards to sampling, Korg need to remember that they are competing with EMU, AKAI and YAMAHA who have some wicked samplers out there with features that the Triton must have added as mentioned above. LETS HOPE THAT KORG CONTINUE TO UPGRADE THE TRITON'S OPERATING SYSTEM BY LISTENING TO USER FEEDBACK!!!! If some of the above (most notably, sampler and sequencer features) are added, I would give it an 11 out of 10!!!!

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