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Lenti Lenko

Alesis NanoVerb 18-Bit Digital Effects Processor

Sound Quality

I use this through the effects loop of my Soundcraft Spirit Folio mixer, mainly for live stuff but I've also used it in my home studio. It is a very quiet unit for the price and it compared very favourably to my much more expensive Midiverb 4. The reverbs are excellent for the price, I particularly like the plates. The leslie speaker effect is also quite good (I often run my old Korg DW8000 organ patches through this!). The chorus sound nice also, but I don't think much of the flanger preset. The delay is very handy even though it's only mono. You can get over a second of delay out of it but I mainly have used this for slapback echo in a live situation. I like the 2 multi-effects programs also- nice on keyboards. I give it full marks because of the high quality you get for the cheap price!


I've never had a problem with it- touch wood!!!!

General Comments

I'm a music teacher (I teach both Piano and Organ) and also own my own home studio. I have been playing for 20 years. I own alot of Korg and Roland stuff and the mega cool Yamaha O3D mixer. I love the imediacy and simplicity of the unit. I wish it had a couple of stereo delays and at least a couple of more parameters to adjust (but I suppose you can go up the next step and get something like an Alesis Microverb 4 for that). I don't like it's external power supply, but I won't complain too much (just this once!) because it really is such a small unit!!!! I was not initially planning on buying this unit but I got a great deal on both this and a Nanocompressor and bought both at the same time! It does inspire me with my music and I love it's ease of use. I hope Alesis release a few more 'nano' units like a Nanogate, NanoEq (just 2 suggestions!). I highly recommend this unit to anyone whether they are just looking for their 1st effects unit or for someone who needs a high quality effects processor that they can put easily in the gig bag.

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