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Sound Quality

I am using this in the effects loop of my mixers (Yamaha O3D, Soundcraft Spirit Folio and Behringer Eurorack MX2642). Some have knocked the reverb but I think that it sounds fantastic considering that this unit is nearly 10 years old- It is much better than my old (now sold) Alesis Quadraverb Plus reverbs. I wouldn't use it as my 1st choice for dedicated guitar effects but geez you can dirty up your synthe lead and vocal sounds using some of the more 'special' effects. I love the multitap delays and modulation effects. I wouldn't say that the effects are weak- they stand up very well even compared to today's newer units with better internal processing and AD/DA convertors.


It hasn't broken on me yet but I HATE EXTERNAL POWER SUPPLIES!!!!!!

General Comments

I don't like the fact that it is only a half rack space unit but I will probably end up setting it up side by side with whichever mic pre I end up buying (Joemeek VC3 mark 11 or ART Tubepack). I have been playing keyboards since 1980 and work in a midi based home studio enviroment. I do like this unit and mainly bought it because I got it new for such a bargain price (a friend of mine works for Sony and he got me one of the last ones still on sale). However, I would probably use the insurance money to put towards a part of my dream Mac based music computer system or buy something newer like a Lexicon MPX500 or TC Electronic M One (or both!). I do love it's sound but I hate the fact it's not a full rack unit (and it has an external power supply). I compared it to some newer Alesis and Digitech products and found that it stood up really well to them- it's reverbs really have their own induvidual character (like all effects units do!). It certainly helps me make music and I only wish Sony would continue to bring out more budget units such as this (in a full rack space of course!). I like this unit alot!!!!!

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