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DOD FX25 Envelope Filter Pedal

Sound Quality

Well there is one major downside to this pedal. When its engaged there is a very distinct volume drop, which can be a massive pain to try and correct. I use an EHX LPB1 Power Booster in front of the DOD FX25b and that seems to fix the problem. Soundwise, this does what I wanted it to do. Although I cant imagine having more than 1 or 2 sounds Id actually use, it does what I want it to do and does so well. For any Radiohead enthusiasts, you CAN get a Jonny Greenwood sound out of this pedal. The autowah sounds heard in songs like Lucky or Subterranean Homesick Alien CAN be replicated with this pedal. Obviously its not a total replication but for the price it does a lovely job of copying the DOD 440. Throw some delay and/or tremolo to the mix and the DOD FX25b proves to be a very interesting and dynamic pedal. I guess if I liked funk music Id have something else to say about the pedal tones but..yeah theres plenty of other reviewers who deal with the funky side so Ill leave it to them.


I think I could rely on it, although why a company would decide " yeah a plastic stomp button..thats a fucking genius idea, lets do it! " is beyond me. Ultimately I think as long as you dont jump on it with steel toed boots it should have a pretty decent lifespan. Im half tempted to enquire about replacing the button just to make sure I dont kill the pedal accidentally..

General Comments

I bought the DOD FX25b hoping to emulate the envelope filter/autowah sounds in Radiohead songs, and I feel Ive gotten what I wanted from the pedal. Sure it has some faults, but alot of pedals do and theres always ways to overcome little tonal obstacles.


Ive been playing for 5 years blah blah blah and I use this pedal in addition to a boatload of other pedals Ive collected over the years.


If it were stolen I would definitely try to pick up another one. Im not really willing to pay an excessive amount of money for the DOD 440, when I feel the DOD FX25b does a pretty good job of creating the sounds I loved from the 440.

I stand by my idea that the plastic stomper is borderline retarded but thats just a matter of opinion..


Overall I think its definitely a love it or hate it pedal, and despite its small flaws, I do love it, and Id recommend it to everyone. (Especially cause theyre bloody cheap!)



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