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Sound Quality

I had Mitch G, (ex EQ editor and master classicist play it at Sweetwater) it sounds excellent,not to bassy yes not this and becasue of the rosewood fretboard and alcere, it's not brittle in the highs like Taylors ebony FB's (I'm an ebony person usually) at all timbers and all freq's from hard flat picked or fingerstyled, bass, mids and highs distinct and do not run together. It's a very fine instrument...


As far as I can tell, it's going to be my main electric acoustic.


General Comments

Too long, 15 various instruments, 62 Nashville, 72 ES 335 Ibanez, 74 Les Paul Recording Ibanez, 74 SG bass Ibanez, 78 Artist Ibanez, 90's Sabre Ibanez, 90's Ragtime Ibanez, 64 (parts grease penned) Mustang, 90 APX 20 Yamaha, 90's AFX 1500 Yamaha, 60's L5 Standell (one of a kind), 96 George Fullerton Strat G & L, 80 George Benson Ibanez, 04 Epiphone Mandolin F, 30's Kay or ? Mandolin, 05 L Benito, 70's Acoustic 150 head, 55 Vibrolux restored, 73 Ampeg G 212, 79 Music Man RD 50, 67 Champ, 50's Sattellite Magnatone...


Stolen, now??? I'd buy another one ASAP.


Compare? Sure, I play them at dealers all over the USA and this Alcere and build, are a cut above the usual suspects...


Share? The old growth aspect, I used to be in millwork and as far as I'm concerned, the properties listed in the specs on his site, are telling, he is making very fine and as far as I can see, collectable yet road ready instruments. I'm going to e-mail Muriel Anderson and ask her if she's heard of this wood.



Reviewer's Background

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