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Sound Quality

First off,lefty guitars are hard to find.Usually the option of a guitar being lefthanded will run you an extra $50-100.I'm a PROFESSIONAL guitarist and i know whats gold and whats shit.For $200 and a little modifying,i got one hell of a deal on this baby.Right out of the box ACTION,INTONATION,SETUP WERE PERFECT.I play in the Ozzy tribute band Children Of The Grave and besides my Gibson Flying V,i use this guitar on Mr.Crowley and Crazy Train and after all those runs and bends it still STAYS IN TUNE FOLKS!They send it to you from the factory already setupTIP:Dont f*ck with the action you novice wankers(you know who you are).You wouldnt be bitchin about it if you didnt f*ck with it in the first place.GREAT KILLER LES PAUL TONE FOR A BOLT-ON NECK GUITAR!


I would use this guitar without a backup.Very solid.

General Comments

My name is Rob Lindbeck and im a virtuoso-level guitarist,an official Marshall Stun Soloist,as well as master of many styles.I own 16 other guitars and this lower-line model,after some tweaking,sounds just as good as my $800 ones.You might want to replace the lead pickup,as it is not the brightest,yet it is still pretty hot.If it were ripped off(god forbid)i'd buy another one because i can afford it.Im really impressed with the sustain this baby has.Later.

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