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Rob Lindbeck-avzbB

DigiTech RP100A Artist Modeling Guitar Processor

Sound Quality

I mainly play an '84 Gibson Flying V ,a Les Paul Special,and a Jackson PS2 through this unit and everything is quiet(cuz i set it to be that way!)Dont set the noise gate past 20,or youll lose sustain.The clean sounds you can get out of this thing are pretty damn near the original amps being cloned.Effects are great,if you know how to dial them in right.I've got the sounds of my favorite artists,Randy Rhoads,Eddie Van Halen,and Steve Howe programmed right in so when im playing songs from these guys live,i can just tap to the sound i need.But don't use the flanger with the distortions,as it flattens out and dulls the sound at the peaks.I have the pitchshift set on +3 for the Trevor Rabin solo from Only of a Lonely Heart and it NAILS the Rabin tone(just add some tite compression!)to a T!Aside from this,the effects are pretty good.


Its dependable,i gig with it all the time.

General Comments

My name is Rob Lindbeck,i have a unique style of playing(i play lefthanded,guitar strung righthanded),i pick with my nail and can speed pick,sweep pick,alternate pick,play classical,rock,jazz,blues,metal,ANYTHING in this fashion.I won the Marshall Stun Solo awards back in '91 and the guitar wars at Sunny's in Fredonia 2 years in a row,i currently play in the Ozzy tribute band "Children of the Grave"based in Erie,PA.Besides playing through a Roland stack setup(with this pedal)I also play through Crate Blue Voodoo stacks.I use any of which depending on the requirements of the gigs.Get this pedal,it SEETHES with sonic venom.

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