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Sound Quality

My style of music is mainly heavy metal and classical,and this baby delivers a full warm,bright bellike tone(thats why i named her Belltone!)The humbuckers give it a great shredding tone,especially for lead work(single coils SUCKSUCKSUCK).I can achieve just about any tone in the guitar spectrum with this axe.The les paul style selector switch is easy to use and out of the way.


Everthings great in this department too.Of course i would use a backup with this guitar on a gig,since it has no locking tremolo(im confident playing guitars with floyd's without a backup).

General Comments

My name is Rob Lindbeck,im an upside-down lefty player and i mainly play classic Yes,Ozzy w Randy Rhoads,Van Halen,Motley Crue,Deep Purple,classical,bluegrass,jazz,etc etc.With the volume of the tele on 4 i get a great nasal Rhoads-like "tanktone",cranked up full i get plenty of high gain that harmonics and pick squeals cut through(the lead pickup is a Duncan Distortion).I own 15 other guitars:Gibson,Dean,Jackson,Peavey,Dimarzio,Kramer,Martin,Ovation,Conn,Robelli,etc.and this one's as good a looker and a player as all the rest.What really stands out is its BEAUTIFUL black into yellow sunburst finish,this guitar was made for heavy metal,not twangin!If it were(God forbid)ever stolen id be playing in a nice prison band(since i would play accordian on the lungs of the f*ckhead who took it).

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