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Rob Lindbeck-avzbB

DigiTech RP100A Artist Modeling Guitar Processor

Sound Quality

This pedal has extremely good sound quality(24 bit 44.1 khz)studio quality,it sounds the best through Roland amps,especially a jazz chorus,ive gotten a pretty good rhoads tone out of the thing,but you have to spend some time tweaking it to get the best possible tones.It is worth it in the long run,the best sounding amp models are the marshall 900 and the johnson high gain,the rectified takes alot of tweaking to get a good mesa sound,but mesas sound like shit to me so i dont use use that particular amp model anyways.My setup=84 Gibson Flying V>rp-100>roland jazz chorus 90.....im done with my rack,this pedal does it ALL!


i gig with it all the time,its a keeper....

General Comments

Im Rob,i mainly play metal and progressive(Yes,Ozzy Ozbourne,Vh,Motley Crue)ive ben playing for 16 years,im a marshall stun soloist and have won many guitar competitions(classical and rock)and this is the most advanced compact processor i have played through,its not a junker like alot of zoom {censored} is,the models actually sound like the genuine amps but heres the catch..YOU HAVE TO HAVE THE RIGHT AMP TO MAKE THEM SOUND GOOD(a very clean setting with alot of warmth and prescense,preferably an older fender tube amp or any roland amplifier above 40 watts,this pedal will not shine with any of the new marshall mgs or crate amps,due to the sharp clean tones that lack warmth and definition.The distortions are superior to the metalzone,tubescreamer,just about most of the novice pedals on the market...but you have to program the right cab settings to get that ultimate tone your looking for.Effects are all top notch,it is truly a rack in the box...very quiet,very dependable,it sounds beter than my old $1000 rack setup,which i recently sold after purchasing this pedal....

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