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Sound Quality

Im playing a Kramer American Voyager through this amp and the tone blows away Marshall by far(everyone plays a marshall and they all sound the same,this amp is more articulate and the notes come out more defined,the distortion ANNIHALATES Marshall!)Ive gigged with it so many times and it stays quiet,even with beer lights and all sorts of electrical components in the background IT IS AN ULTIMATE GIGGING AMP(had it for 10 years and it hasnt broken down yet!)Clean channel is great,especially with a arion chorus pedal,cuz u can adjust the tone to suit your needs)


100%,built like a tank

General Comments

Im Rob,ive been playing for 15 years,i have been in numerous bands and won many classical and rock guitar competitions,this amp is truly a rock amp from the ground up,its distortion is tube-like,but highly original sounding,to my ears it eats Marshalls for lunch,this is one mean ass amp..if it were stolen id find the {censored}er and step on his head while i crank the amp full blast into his face as a reminder of not to mess with me Crate!Ha,no id go to ebay,they show up now and then and id get the g150 2-12 if i can find it...a very dependable and reliable amp.

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