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Sound Quality

I use a Peavey Fury Bass, this BF-2, sometimes a Boss DS-2, and then my Peavey TKO 115 amp. Sounds great with my bass, especially with the distortion going. Does not destroy the low end as some boxes do. Also has a wide range of sounds: flanger, phaser, vibrato, and something that sounds kinda like a crappy chorus pedal.


This is a Boss. End of story.

General Comments

This is a fun pedal to just mess around with, and can [and will] find its way into any type of music you play. I set it to sort of a vibrato and play "Bullet with butterfly wings", then I move it on over to the flange for "Come As You Are" and i can use it on any song and it sounds awesome. Would i buy it again? Hell yes. I'd like to have two, one to put on display and one to totally stomp the crap out of. Don't spend that check from Grandma on GI Joes, go out and get you a BF-2. Right now.

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