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roland Cube 80X 80W 1x12 Guitar Combo Amp

Sound Quality

Now here's the REAL disapointment. I've been playing 25+ years, among amp arsenal I have an old Roland JC120 and a newer Cube 60, I was psyched to sell both and "upgrade" to the new Cube 80...but what happened to the tone?! Did Roland downgrade the speaker and/or electronics? Rather than the higher watts (compared to Cube 60) adding cutting power the clean channel sounds hollow, dull and formless. I'd brought it to my community big band rehearsal thinking it would give me an added fullness boost - only to have the band director ask me to turn up (something that's never happened before believe me!) as I wasn't cutting through at all. Even with lots of tweaking, cranking the presence, etc, I could not get any kind of focused clean sound out of it. A great disappointment. The Cube 60 sounds WAY better. No big improvements on modeling channel tones from Cube 60, either.



General Comments

I would not recommend this amp - it is not an improvement over the Cube 60 - the extra 20 watts don't seem to do much other than water down the sound quality, the JC clean channel especially dull hollow and unfocused, the new features ala "onboard tuner" and "looper" basically gimmicks (although seperate Reverb control IS nice), plus heavier and wider than Cube 60. I've sent my Cube 80x back and and am keeping the Cube 60...no, actually I'm also selling the Cube 60...I've had it with all this poorly designed Roland junk until they come up with an integrated footswitch system that allows a gigging musician to easily access the channels and FX w/o the pile of seperate cables and footswitches now required.

Reviewer's Background

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