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Sound Quality

Use a mex fender strat which has seymour D lil'59 at the bridge, with a marshall guvnor 2 and digitech bad monkey before it. And first of all, I've struggled to find a bad sound with it. I suppose i play punk rock, with some classic rock, blues and the odd bit of ska thrown in, and the amp comfortably serves sweet tones for each style. It is very versatile. The amp only hums when the pedals are on, otherwise its pretty silent to me. Clean Channel: Quite sparkly, no break up until extreme volumes after about 6 on the volume. This channel is very loud. The pedals work great with this channel, the marshall really fattens it up and gives you a great AC/DCish tone, while the Bad monkey gives some mild break up which sounds absolutely gorgeous. Dirty Channel: Some good distorion tones, gives some quite heavy sounds especially when cranked. Pedals aren't quite so distinctive when used on this channel, but do give a good boost for a very nice lead sound. The only feature on the amp that i don't get is the Mid boost button, cos it don't do nothing for my sound. I'll give it an 8, because it's the first valve amp that i've had and it sounds great, but seeing as i haven't had too much experience with amps, i'll be a liittle conservative with this great sounding amp.


Ain't broken down yet. Would definitely gig with it.

General Comments

Been playing 4 years. Previous amp was a line 6 flextone 2 amp, And this one wipes the floor with the line 6. The valves make such a difference. If it was stolen, i would find the thief, apply some excruciating pain to him/her, but if i can't find the thief, then i would probably try something else, not because i don't like it, but because i'm always changing my gear jus to experiment with new sounds. So all in all, a great sounding little amp. Would give it a 8.5/10

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