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Rocktron VooDu Valve On-Line Guitar Multi Effects Processor

Sound Quality

I play a Ibanez Jem with Semyour Ducan JB pickups into the Voodu, into Rocktron's solid state Velocity 100 stereo power amp, which is connected to a Marshall 1960 4x12 speaker cabinet. Sounds great with the Voodu's speaker emulator off. I am using the Voodu into a power amp, so nothing else is coloring the tone. And the tone is great and very natural sounding. The voodu doesn't emulate amps. It has a tube in it, and the more gain you use the more it distorts, just like the preamp stage on a normal amp. This unit can kick out some metallica/megadeth/pantera type sound no problem. Most of the presets have the effect levels way to high, so you need to do some tweaking. As for the effects, there are more than you can shake a stick at. Most of which are of no use to me. The delay, reverb, and chorus sound pretty good, though I have seen other units where there are more parameters for each of these effects. But then again more effect parameters can just be a pain too. The Hush noise gate is excellent. Some guys here complain about the pitch shifter because it sounds retarded (which it does indeed), but regardless of the manufacture every pitch shifter I have heard sounds like crap What makes the Voodu great is that it has excellent distorted tone and effects, which can be saved to one of 250 program numbers. To me this is very convient for doing gigs. The other guitar player in my band has a tube amp and an huge pedal board full of effects (which cost a bundle) to lug around and hook up for every show. I just plug in and I am ready to go. The dual EQ sections are also excellent. One for the input and one for post distortion. The EQ's are also parametric, which means you can change the bandwith and frequency that you are boosting or cutting. Parametric eq's in generally are cool and is also alot of how Dime Bag got his tone from Randall amps back in the day. One more thing the natural harmonic and artifical harmonic sqweels sound great on the Voodu.


I have not had a problem with the voodu yet. And I do indeed gig with it without a back up

General Comments

I have played hardrock/metal for about 10 years, from iron madien to testament to pantera to fear factory, van halen etc. I think the Voodu was made for hard rock and metal. I have owned a Digitech Valve Fx pre amp and peavy 100 amp in the past, the Voodu is way more natual. If this was stole I would replace it or look for the Rocktron Piranha, which I am told sounds similar but without the effects. The ability to program and save multipe different configrations is execellent. When I bought the Voodu I tried out different amps and set ups, but the

Voodu gave the best tone for its price range. Bogner amp heads sound better, but cost like 3000-4000 dollars, which is way out of my budget.

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