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Schecter Guitar Research C-7 Blackjack 7-String Electric Guitar

Sound Quality

I play mostly metal, and this guitar is perfect for it. I use it with a Kustom KLA-20 and a Digitech RP80 which I want to sell and get a Line 6 live. The C-7 is quite clean and very crunchy with distortion. For a 7 string, the C-7 is very versatile, it comes from the Ash.


This guitar will last a very long time. I would use it at gigs but I would need a backup, just in case, but then, who doesn't?


General Comments

If this guitar were lost or stolen, I'd have to buy a different 7 string, as these are discontinued. Probably a Schecter C-7 Blackjack or Hellraiser.


I also own a Cort SP-3 which I want to sell as well as my KLA-20 and my Digitech RP80 and Zoom 505. They're relatively cheap but they get the job done.

Reviewer's Background

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