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Sound Quality

wow, what's all this talk about hiss and noise? I've been using my GE-7 for almost 20 years. Still doesn't add any noise I can hear. It can make your upstream noises louder because the GE-7 can be used as a signal boost. Anyways, what the GE-7 is great for is scooping the middles out of your Boss DS-1 Distortion pedal. I had the Metal Zone tone in 1982 because I used the GE-7 behind my DS-1 and scooped the mids away and added a little bass using the GE-7. The GE-7 can also be used to boost your volume for solos. I've been playing heavy guitar for 25 years and play old Les Pauls and early 70s Marshall stacks. This is a great little EQ. No noise, easy use and can be used for other things as well. I use it to eq vocals in the studio sometimes.


I see these pedals inthe stores sometimes and the little white slider covers can be missing sometimes. Mine have never fallin of though even after 20 years. I'm suprized the sliders have never needed to be cleaned. I think this has to be the most reliable eq on the market.

General Comments

For the money this is a great pedal. Even after 20 years these pedals have kept their value.

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