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Pale Ale

epiphone Valve Junior Tube Amplifier Head

Sound Quality

Use a Epiphone Elitist Less Paul and American Deluxe Fender Strat. Humbuckers in the Paul and Single coils in the Srat. I use it for Blues and Classic rock, sounds true to form, I like it. No noise at all until volume is at 3:00, then only slight. Raw, raunchy, dark is how I describe it overall. It can get some cleans (but not Fender cleans) up to about 10:00 o'clock a little more with the single coils. Starts getting some nice dirt at around 11:00 o'clock. It just keeps getting more and more dirt a mild distortion up to 3 o'clock, that's as loud as I have had it. I think it sounds a little better with single coils, not as dark.


Not a lot to go wrong but no opinion as of now. Looks well made for what it is, a $100.00 amp!

General Comments

Been playing off and on since I was about 10 years old. I am now 44.

Yes , I would buy it again. In fact I have thought about buying a second one to run in stereo, for lush ear pleasing tone at home. I think this is a great amp for playing basic rock and blues at home. Better than any solid state amp that cost twice as much as this one. Great starter amp for the kids also, and yes it does get loud. I would not buy this amp to gig with, sounds good but not enough of it with a band. I would be glad to pay $100 more if I could get it with a effects loop and a tone knob. Here is my favorite setup, guitar, Bad Monkey OD, Carl Martin Red Delay, Dano fish & chips EQ to speakers = Very Nice Sounding Inxepensive Rig.

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