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Sound Quality

When I bought the first one I had a difficult time trying to use it at the first live gig that I took it to. I gotta tell you...using it through my roommates high quality stereo was the best thing that I ever did. I used some RCA adapters and the sound in the house was like heaven. I was playing in an acoustic band at the time...just the singer and I. The sound improved our sound tremendously. So many options. We never needed anything else...just the two of us, a guitar...and a ZOOM 9002. I had the foot pedal and that was pretty cool. Remember...my outstanding rating was through a stereo! Not live shows...just practice...and recording.


I never had a problem out of the original or the replacement. I gave up on it for live performances...you can't have everything...

General Comments

I'm a rocker. Works great for practice...I used to take it everywhere.

My replacement one has all the problems mentioned by others...no battery charging...yadda yadda yadda. I have and would replace it again...in a heartbeat!

You can't beat it for sitting around writing music...I use it through the guitar in on the "DR-5 Rhythm Section". The best home recordings that I've made were with this set up. I'm a professional musician and I have all the cool guitars (Les Pauls, Strat, etc etc.) rack mounted effects and Marshal Amplification. When I'm sitting around jamming it's much easier to just flip the switch on and jam through headphones.

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