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ryan -kHqjJ

Schecter Guitar Research Hellraiser C-7 Electric Guitar

Sound Quality

Metal - nevermore, dream theater, symphony X, etc. etc. it is the same guitar jeff uses in nevermore now. It rock hard core. the pickup swithc is somewhat noisy, no biggie though. Very heavy crunchy sound. you could get a good amount of tones out of this with a processor of course, but its a hellraiser, its for metal. i personall dislike nothing about this guitar. no major dislikes at all


never gig without a back-up is a safe peice of advice. everything on this guitar is pretty solid. no tremolo crap to hassle with!! lol Seems very dependable, good finish, etc. Very simple guitar, wood , strings, and pick up set up. seems quite durable, it survived FedEx

General Comments

i own a classical guitar, jackson solosit, ibanez universe, and this baby. i play out of a 100 watt marshall combo for practice. nothing i really wish i had asked before buying it. if it were lost id buy another probably, unless something better magically popped up.


its a very simple bare bones seven string that looks great.


the neck compared to a universe is a bit thicker and rounder but still most shreddible. if your worried about the neck being too big i would worry if i was you.

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