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Sound Quality

[Perceived output level] Medium. A bit less than the Gibson PAF humbuckers in my SG, I think, but much more than the Squire single coils. [Tone] Not at all brittle like Strat singles, but not as boomy/bassy as a PAF in the neck can be. Much more like a normal humbucker. Clear and full-bodied. [Sonic evaluation] 1) This is a very quiet pickup - no typical single-coil noise. 2) This pickup does not sound anything like any single coil. It is a full humbucker yet has good clarity. But not the twangy, high-presence clarity of single-coils, rather, I mean that individual strings seem to retain their individual clarity when chorded. Perhaps the output level is still low enough that stuff doesn't get muddy. However, this is a moderate output pickup, don't worry that it is too soft. 3) It has more clarity, than the PAFs on my Gibson SG, but it is much closer to a normal humbucker than a single. 4) My goal (if you can't tell from my switching scheme and pickup selection) is to have the largest practical sonic variety of switch combinations and pickups. E.g., I would be unhappy with 3 identical heavy metal pickups. So, then, the Bill Lawrence is a nice addition to my setup by adding a clear and full-bodied round humbucker sound to the vintage strat in the middle, and the crunchy nasty distortion pickup in the bridge. IMHO, for these customized non-traditional setups, having a strat-like pickup in the middle is a terrific compromise because *some* strat sounds are still always available to you when you want them, and I really like that middle strat pickup in combination with either the neck or bridge. [For which styles and positions is this pickup (un)suitable] I think that this is a real good neck position pickup. I have not tried it in any other positions, but for my tastes, I like a full rich humbucker in the neck, and nasty things toward the bridge. In fact, I also haven't tried it out at obscene volumes (getting old, I guess). But, I doubt that this is a heavy metal pickup.



General Comments


I do not plan to change it - and I am very pleased with its sound.


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