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Sound Quality

The sound is much better after the mod. There is less noise and more depth. I got the BF-2 on ebay for $50. I had fond memories of them from the late 80's - but it sounded nothing like I remember them (unlike the CE-2 that I got recently which is great). I'm sure they sounded the same back them but to my ears today it sounds like thay had a good reason to bring out the BF-3. After the mod - I really like the pedal now, a huge improvement. It's great for subtle stuff. I haven't tried many other flangers so I can't actually compare it against anything else. I'm looking forward to experimenting with this unit - I reckon that it's got lotsa potential.


I've only played for an hour or so. But, Boss pedals are built like tanks so the reliability factor is up to you and your solering iron.

General Comments

A great way to spice up an old pedal.


Easy to do if you want to try your hand a pedal modding - It was my first pedal mod.


I'd say that this mod is well worth the 16 bucks and a few hours of fun with a soldering iron that it takes to make it happen.


May the Flange Be With You 2

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