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Sound Quality

Versatile sound suitable for almost any style. Sound can range from thick heavy tones with a sharp edge with a creamy follow up to an all around clean tone. It has a great variety of tones even on a cheap Dean Markley amp, sounds great on my friends 60's National tube amp. Hardly anything to dislike about the sound.


I have a feeling this guitar will last quite a long time, it is very well assembled and set up. The hardware seems durable and high quality. The finish will most likely last, it will probably dull but there is no wear at all so far, except for a scratch here or there (due to me).


General Comments

I've been playing for about 5 years. I own a Mexican Telecaster and an Epiphone les paul (the cheap kind) which was my first.

I wish the finish was better, its pretty good, but it should be a little more thorough.

I'd definetly replace it if it were stolen. I love the tone and the playability.

Beats the quality and sound of my Telecaster 10 fold, it can replicate the tone of the tele but also has a million other possibilities.


Reviewer's Background

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