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Sound Quality

I play thru an '87 peavy backstage plus fitted w/a '65 fender 10" cone.'92 Hammer Studio,'96 Peavy Preadtor(u.s.)'03 Yngwie Signature,'02 PRS Tremonti make up my guitar lineup.Any sound I want I can get. I play everything from Stevie Ray to Metallica,Primus,Bloodhound Gang,The Cars,Pink Floyd,Patsie Cline,Country,whatever, and can usually find a sound I can live with.Just turn the knobs carefully!


I've been playing for 5 years and hade this for 3 of them.This thing is bulletproof.I throw it in and out of my car in a duffelbag and it takes it with a smile.I only bring my amp,2 guitars and this pedalboard.

General Comments

I didn't buy this pedal to get "xyz"'s sound.If thats what you want,Buy a diffrent pedal.I bought It to find MY sound.In this respect it is perfect.Just twist the knobs(I do llike the chickenhead knobs on the ax1500).If it was stolen and I could get another one for $100.00 or so, sold.If not, Oh well,I MIGHT give the ax1500 a try.My friend and fellow bandmate has had a Rpx400 Digi and I still would take the ax.That little plastic box feels like your stepping on a childs toy.The ax is a tank!I did have to make my trigger for the recording switch under the WAH pedal longer so I didn't have to press the pedal down so hard.I do wish the loop was longer AND SEAMLESS! I sometimes record direct to a tascam 4 track and the sound sucks.Mike your amp.The results are 10 fold better.As a simulator....eah, it's ok.As a pure noisemaker....awesome.

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