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Peavey Delta Blues 210 Tube Amp Combo

Sound Quality

Without mods: volume and presence pretty decent whereas tone texture and feedback sensitivity a bit disappointing in its basic factory setup. Nervous breakup with factory EH preamp tubes. Annoying feedback with factory-fitted (also Russian) EL84s. All in all a 7 at best in its default setup, kind of alright. Like I said I made some mods to make the package taste much better: a set of matched JJ EL84s, a highgrade Philips NOS 12AT7 & Mullard NOS 12AX7 and a premium 12AY7 into the pre-amp stage (V1-V2-V3) and a pair of Jensen P10Rs. Now the amp easily convinces anyone and everyone who listens to me play that it is a kick-ass rig for bluesharp. A detailed sound texture with strong stage presence (Jensen P10Rs, THANK YOU), an awesome reverb (the highgrade preamp tubes here mean a WORLD of difference, believe me...), a smooth and controllable break-up and a volume level that is enough to make the front row guys deaf is what I got through the extra investment. Never heard my stock Shure 520DX sound so fine yet as through the clean channel of this baby. I'd even risk saying that it's as good a clean amp for harp as a Fender Deluxe but without its annoyingly chimey overtones, whereas if you kick in the dirty channel and turn the preamp past 12 o'clock, it measures almost all the way up to a well run-in Fender Bassman (not quite that good a presence due to the missing 2 speakers of course, but damn close). This thang just makes you keep playin', if you know what I mean.


No issues yet. Built like an Abrams tank. Damn heavy too (but hey - no pain, no gain...).

General Comments

I had spent like three months contemplating what 2x10 or 4x10 rig to buy within the 30-45W output range for no more than 800 EUR in total and came to the conclusion that, apart from the DB210 only the Classic Fifty 4x10 and perhaps a used Bassman '59 RI could represent the right choice for me. As I didn' manage to find a '59 RI in good condition under 800 EUR (what a surprise...) and the Classic Fifty was simply too noisy and also very heavy, the only choice left was the DB210.


This rig is insane value for money, even new - in my case, for about 750 EUR in total I got an amp that blows anyone's head off, both acoustic and dirty. If it got stolen, I would look for another good used one and do the same mods again (maybe I won't be able get that niiiiice NOS 12AT7 that easy in some years but sure as hell would try...). Only too bad our band doesn't play too often in venues where I can push it hard enough and make it cry big time.

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