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Jackson DK Adrian Smith Dinky Electric Guitar

Sound Quality

Very resonant.


The only disappointing aspect of this guitar is how absolutely lousy the paint job is. There are runs and fisheyes on a few parts and worse than all of this, it chips and flakes if you stare at it too hard. This makes this guitar a no-no for live shows, which is why I put the damn thing together in the first place. I'm very disappointed with the materials used to paint this guitar and I should've taken heed at the complaints I saw on their message board. Slopfest 2009.


General Comments

I have a Gibson SG-GT which I bought new in 2007 and it has been around the world with me 3 times, suffering poor handling on over 25 flights along with the various bumps and bruises which occur at live performances. After all of this, my SG looks amazing- I know for a fact that if I subjected the USA Custom Guitar body to the same elements, it would look like SRV's #1, which is not cool in my book- not for a guitar with a metallic finish anyway.

Reviewer's Background

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