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Sound Quality

Absolutely AWESOME quality from a unit which is certainly getting on in years. I have had my Rp-1 since new, and I have always liked Digitech's products, however I bought a new top of the line GNX-3 recently but soon got rid of it on Ebay as it's sounds were absolute rubbish, only to go back to the much better quality and much much much better sound of the RP-1. The RP-1 is a true legend in Guitar FX generating!!! FULL STOP!


Reliability is fine, but the unit does get extremely hot. I had it flicker and start having interupted audio signal only a few days ago. I turned it off, and let it cool down for an hour or so with the Air Conditioner on and near the RP1 unit, then tured it on again and all was perfectly fine.

General Comments

I play Pink Floyd style stuff and am writing my own album. RP-1 is fantastic. Been playing for over 15 years. If the RP-1 did get lost or stolen I would search high and low for another. Nothing comes close, not even the new Digitech products. The GNX3 is crapola. Love the high quality clean sounds of the Rp1. Hate it heating up.


The new FX boxes of tofday have lost the quality, and the sounds more often than not are very very bad.


RP-1 is the best I've owned and I have owned a few guitar FX units.

keep going back to the Rp-1.

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