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Sound Quality

use a cheap guitar (soon yamaha rgx420s) with Korg AX1000g and an original crybaby. The unit is outstanding but not perfect. I think sound quality is the most important part of the review...so i'm just gonna straight things out here. The Drive...well everything here is good and usable if u know how to tweak it. The cabiner ... well good if you want it to sound like a famous amp or expensive amp.The modulation.. well some work for me and some are unuasable / useless for live playing , the chorus flanger, delay , phaser , tremolo are verygood, the pitch is and filtron is not bad but THE WAH IS VERY WEAK. The pedal... everythis is good exept the wah. The ambience is good if u want some color in your sound.one important thing, some effect like mod and pedal cant be used at the same time.The noise supresor is good but don't use it above 80 because it will extremely reduce your sound quality.Notice that i use the word extremely.


Well... a few month after i bought it the unit start to get stain especially the edges part. The knobs can be accidently turned on stages by guitar cables and that is dissaster. The progran switches is very small , weak and too close to each other especially to the bank switch. i think it was designed for thumbs not for shoes, thats make it very difficult so hit the switch on dark stage.The LCD is weak and can be easely scrached,good for dark stage but very bad in daylight because u can't read the LCD while standing.Another major flaw is it doesn't have an on/ off switch so you have to pull the adaptor to turn it off and that is annoying . The tuner is nice in bypass or mute.

General Comments

Buy a crybaby and it rocks. All impoortant effects in one unit at an affordable price. All you have to do is turn the understand the knobs functions and know how to turn them. Probably the biggest flaw in this unit is it doesn't have a down bank swithch seperately so u have to use your hands to bank down and that is not good "on stage".

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