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Sound Quality

well apparenty the Media Reackons we are GARAGE PUNK, we just Orig Rock, But a Bit Fast and Loud,, This Guitar People say is for METAL. Whats the Go there, I Have to Pry it Off my Lead Guitarist, whom Owns a Jackson Performer PS-3 Rhodes, he wants it..I reackon Its more Tonal, Jazzy, NOW STAB ME IN THE EYE, but Either i got a weird 1, or People just whack them thru lots of Distortion,, Either way, it still rocks,, I Have No complaints whatsoever


This is the Bestestest Guitar i Have Played, Now thats a Big statement, But i gave my Fender to my Lead so he could Have a Detuned 1 Handy(I DON'T NEED A FENDER) or any other Guitar, I Put stap Locks on, as i Have a Habit Of Jumping around and them Falling off, plus the Position of the strap holder too,, I have thrown it Live a few times when excited, only cracked the switch cover,, So they are Tough,, I dont Need a Back up EVER, why i lent fender . LOL

General Comments

rather than be more Boring,,

im in JaNaC , www.janac.coolfreepage.com

this is my Fave Guitar, Its Insured now for $1500(no {censored}).If it was Taken, would be tragic.

I have like 12 Bass's , yet 1 Guitar


I'd prefer to Play this, than Have a Dud Root, beat That.

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