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Sound Quality

Okay, this is the most subjective rating...I think it sounds decent for the moolah I paid and for what I need it to do. No..it's not a lovetone meatball, or a q-tron+, or a moogerfooger murf....but I got it for $27.50, instead of $200+....It gets pretty trebly, so be prepared to tweak your e.q. settings..there is, as mentioned in other reviews, a noticable volume drop when engaged, but keep in mind that it's basically pronouncing your mid/highs, and cutting your bass..that's the nature of envelope filters. It mixes well with my OD (danelectro Daddy-o) and my delay (danelectro Danecho). I can get a nice Ween-esque envelope weirdness out of it, and it does usable dub reggae and funk sounds when used with stacatto chords and delay. Is it the best ever envelope filter, no, is it usable and a value for the dollars, sure.


Never had any problems with DOD in the past, except I hate their cheapo little plastic battery covers, and the switches always seem to be a little sensitive.

General Comments

I think a lot of people in the same boat as myself, i.e. gigging guy in a local band, think that buying boutique gear is going to give them the sound of whoever they want to emulate. Me, I buy cheap pedals and use them as tools to get an approximate sound or to add a little texture to songs....I think with some experimentation you can get usable tones out of just about anything. So as far as bang for the buck goes, I'm happy with this little stompbox.

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