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Marshall JMP-1 Tube MIDI Guitar Preamp

Sound Quality

I'm using the amp with a lot of stuff, but mainly with the Marshall 9200 power amp (2 x 100 Watts). In some occasions I'll take out 2 tubes on each side of the 9200 to create a 2 x 50 Watts. (NOTE: DON'T DO THIS AT YOURSELVES, ASK YOUR LOCAL MUSIC SHOP ON WHAT DIFFERENCES IT MAKES ON YOUR SPEAKERS ETC.) Guitarwise I mainly use a PRS CE22 w/maple top. Sounds great and fantastic with my other guitars as well, but the PRS is my main axe. An Intellifex Ltd. in the effects loop will do the rest. Also using it with a variety of stompboxes & pedals, but they are really for my other 2 amps (Sovtek 50 Watt head and a really old London City 100 Watt amp). I don't really use the JMP-1 live a lot. You really have to crank it together with the power amp to get the perfect tone. I can do that in my practice room, but live, hey, I'm not a famous guitarist who plays in arenas. But let me tell you one thing. In small studio setups,THIS THING IS MADE FOR DIRECT RECORDING. When you want to do some studiothing very quickly, this is your amp!!!!


No probs

General Comments

Nowadays, these amps sell 2nd hand for almost nothing. Buy one.

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