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Marshall JMP-1 Tube MIDI Guitar Preamp

Sound Quality

I bought this to put in front of my JCM800 1x12.I need crystal clean,bassy clean,crunch,soft lead,mind numbing lead etc.This box easily does it.I read below somebody who thought the clean was anaemic.This preamp adds sheen and depth to your clean sound.Anybody who feels Marshall can`t do clean should take another listen to little wing on Hendrix in the west,or anything by john Mcglaughlin in his Mahavishnu days.This unit hotrods whatever you drive.


This is a midi unit so is bound to need above average maintenance.

General Comments

How many amps sound good without reverb?Marshalls do.It`s a personal thing but i reckon the Marshall eq is spot on .I agree they don`t do "pretty clean".They do crystal clean and any bum note you play stands out.You only really know how good an amp is when you`re gigging,the JMP adds life to an already great amp.I rate this a classic piece of kit.As I got this in exchange for a mex tele I bought for £199 I`ve got to rate it accordigly.

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