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Ricardo Nunes

Vox Valvetronix AD50VT 50w 1x12 Guitar Combo Amp

Sound Quality

Here we go!! I have played trough Marshall, Mesa, Fender, Peavey, Laney....etc.... all valve, and honestly this amp is quite a surprise. I know that is not a real tube amp, and that some amps are not quite similar, but in my opinion the sounds are very good and warm. I have a Hamer Eclipse, and i think that VOX Ac 15 30 and The Marshall 70's rocks like a true valve amp with a full warm tone.... very nice. The cleans are also very good (mainly the fenders) and the high gain amps are from very good to good (even if the sound of some are not quite equal). It's very, very versatile... and have really good sounds... not a metal amp, but a outstanding rock amp.And for the price we pay for this litle baby, man it's hard to find better...


I had no problems at all at this time. I have mine since october and until now it still rocks. And it's funny because during a venue i turned a glass of Wiskey in it, and still working.... :) Very nice... But.... i hate the wood of the amp... It's thin, don't have any acoustic and worst, it seems to crash much more soon than we can imagine.... Plastic parts are a joke (i work in the moulds and plastic industry) and the corners are just decoration, not protection.... it's sad to see a great brand as VOX making this.... but.... Even being a "crap" about rliability, i've been ver happy for the accident with the wiskey so....7

General Comments

Man, don't you have one? Valvestate? Tubefusion? Line crap 6?

For the price... it's one of the best sounding amps in the planet.... I know mesa sounds better, but will you spend 3000¿¿¿ in a amp to play in bars?!?

I love it....

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