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Sound Quality

Ever since my friend introduced me to satch's music, I loved it. I owned an Epiphone G400 (SG-copy) and used to play satch all the time (minus the whammy bar bits, of course...). So gettin ghis sig. guitar, was a dream come true. I do believe that I also got the last on in the UK. I run the guitar through an ART SGX2000 Express into a Marshall JCM2000 TSL602 with a Zoom 1201 in the amps effects loop. The sound is incredible. Sounds like satch all the time. Also, after tweaking the amp, the guitar can easily cope with metal stuff. I play Dream Theater songs and the guiat (although not always the guitarist...) cope excellently. Put on the HPF (High pass filter), role back the volume and the sound is amazing: pickups are as clear as crystal. DEFINATELY good for some smoochy blues :). The Single coil switch makes the guitar sound more like a tele than a strat. In effect, it doubles the pickup options available to you. Setting it to the neck pickup with the single coil tap on can give you a very Rage Against The Machine sound. The FRED pickup is amazing. Getting just about any harmonic is not a problem: each note is clear. The Luthite body is, if I am not mistake, basically a plastic. Therefore it's sound is more nasal that wood-based models. This is especially notable when using the single-coil tap and a clean sound. For me, this is not a problem, but some people have said to me that it just doesn't sound "right".


I've been playing live basically since I got the guitar and the bodywork has stood up better than I thought. A work of advice would be to clean it after each gig though: the sweat from the forearm stays on the body for ages otherwise. I have had tremelo problems: the socket came VERY loose at one point but nothing that required it to be serviced. I have used this guitar in a gig without a backup for over a year now and have had no troubles. If I snap a string, being able to unlock the nut, loosen the string, plug it back in, tune it and lock it again in about 3 minutes is fantastic.

General Comments

I have been playing guitar for 12 years now, 7 of which have been on electric. This guitar was absolutely everything that I hoped it would be.


The only other guitar that I would consider now would be John Petrucci's Ernie Ball 7-String: even then, only for the 7th String and the Piezo pickup system.


Although £2300 is still £2300, being the last on ein the UK and there being only 500 of them, I think that this was pretty good value.


If you come across one in good nic, buy it!! not only will you have a crowd pulling guitar (both on stage and in the music shop...) but the sounds from it and the feel of it will make you want to improove your playing!

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