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Sound Quality

I use an Ibanez JS10th with an ART SGX2000 Express. Initially I was looking at the Mesa/Boogie Single Recifier. But I tried this an loved it. It's crunch was more suited to my style of playing (Satriani etc.) plus it was half the price. The Cleans sound is ace. Very clean until about half way, but by that time, it is lound enough anyways. Some people have said that the use the crunch for a rhythm and lead for lead but I think marshall should have called the channels Blues and Crunch, or something to that effect. The Crunch sound is very blusey: you get a lovely sound when you roll the gain back to about 6 and use the neck pickup. VERY nice. The Lead channel lets you rip out the metal riffs. I tried the into the Dream Theaters "The Mirror" (low-b based riff) and it coped excellently. The Topne shifts really make a difference to the sound and therefore allow for all manner of sounds. I tried doing the one channel for rhythm and on for lead but I had to run some fairly decent compression through it to get it to be a decent crunch. It would be better to have some other way of boosting the signal for solos. Basically, Lead is not just a cloned version of crunch, it is a completely separate channel with its own unique sound.


Brand new. Can't comment.

General Comments

Ace Amp. Awkward to carry but but sounds great.

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